we have the biggest sky

Spreading from horizon to horizon, unhindered by the fog of city lights,
it brightens and blankets us, bewilders us, curls its toes into our warm edges.
It's no wonder we reach up and think we can gather the stars in our hands.

Library politics are lousy, so made a friend and a dangerous artifact.


While we were sleeping, Valor surpassed its first funding goal! So the book is a definitely heading to the presses! We are all so stoked!

We’re regularly reblogging any art and fan reaction tagged valor-anthology, including the work our creators are doing. 

Now, we’re heading quickly toward our stretch goals!

$25,000: WE LOVE LIBRARIES! Books will be donated public libraries! The more that’s pledged, the more books we can get to libraries! If you’re a librarian and want a copy of Valor for your library as part of this stretch goal, please message Meg

And because we all love libraries, we will put in a bookmark for every tier level that has a physical book pledge ($30 and above.)

$30,000: DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK: We will create a digital artbook with concept art and the creating of Valor, including background into the stories used and comments from the creators! Plus, we will be able to give our artists and writers a bonus! Breaking through this stretch goal enables you to directly support the artists!

$50,000: HARDCOVERS: Want a hardcover copy of Valor? This is the tier level we need to unlock! 

Beyond that? We may have one or two more stretch goals, but we want to put the focus on providing our creators bonuses for all the hard work they’ve done, plus getting books out to libraries!


I am super excited for this.  cx

from the tide pools on Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, WA

Ruby Beach, June 10, 2014

April 11, 2014

Sugar Lake near Grand Rapids, MN

April 11th, 2014

Sugar Lake near Grand Rapids, MN.

I found some melted glass in a fire pit a while back.