we have the biggest sky

Spreading from horizon to horizon, unhindered by the fog of city lights,
it brightens and blankets us, bewilders us, curls its toes into our warm edges.
It's no wonder we reach up and think we can gather the stars in our hands.





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look at these great things, I’m all about these great things.

I hit reblog so fast I nearly cracked my phone screen

This comment though guys, this comment!

(Seriously though, all the lovely messages people are leaving, I’m coming down with a case of the warmfuzzies.)

Reblogging primarily to point out how top-notch this lady is. (I am already hoarding more than my fair share of her lovely art and craftsmanship.

There are things you cannot pick up:
pennies, sticks, leaves, yourself.
They are too heavy.
If you try, you will fall and not stand again.

Frosty morning!



In our continual celebration of the holiday season, we here at YA Interrobang are giving away a poster and temporary tattoos that tie into Marie Lu’s Legend series!

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pond-dipping reblogged your post and added:

( Onto my more chatty blog, yes! ) Sussex dragons…

Yes, librarians are certainly welcome to use our mode of transport.

Did you ever read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher as a child? I believe that is where my love of…

Oh!  This is the bookbinder you mentioned!  cx  (And eee, I am a librarian, aren’t I?  Three years in and I’m still excited to be called one!)

I don’t believe I’ve read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher, which is a bit ridiculous.  I’m fairly sure it was one of the student’s choice book award nominees for Minnesota a while back …

Minnesota dragons are very likely ice wyrms of some sort.  They are amphibious and hibernate during the summer, buried in the mud at the bottom of lakes and deeper rivers.  Sometimes, when the water is low and you’re canoeing, you may scrape your boat over their backs.  Many of them have streaks of silver on their hides from aluminum canoes.


This is Gillian. 

The second thing she did with the first wage packet she received in the city was go to a patisserie and buy chocolate.

Her sister, Eglantine, is a shepherdess.

Nope, Theo had no idea what an adorable maid/assistant he’d get. (And you’re charming and competent, too; that’s the best bit!) Winfred bets you’d look smashing in a pantsuit, too, Gilly. Cx

First (tree-surprising) snowstorm of the year!

So I had all of that grape juice, plus some pulp I hadn’t squeezed out properly yet—and yes, there’s still another gallon pickle jar full of grape juice I haven’t touched—and I needed a productive project for my evening …

I love dyeing yarn. I do think our grapes make a beautiful shade!