we have the biggest sky

Spreading from horizon to horizon, unhindered by the fog of city lights,
it brightens and blankets us, bewilders us, curls its toes into our warm edges.
It's no wonder we reach up and think we can gather the stars in our hands.
Posts tagged "grown from seed"

These are the offspring of the sunflowers I planted last year.  They were of several varieties, and they’ve mixed into some rather interesting combinations.

Really, I should have just let them take over my whole garden.

I’m just inexplicably proud of my coneflowers this year.  I started them from seed last spring.  Second year in the ground, and they’re blooming like mad.  I need to choose a less windy day to photograph them, though.

The second photo is of another echinacea at my parents’ farm.  It’s conveniently sized to my desktop!