we have the biggest sky

Spreading from horizon to horizon, unhindered by the fog of city lights,
it brightens and blankets us, bewilders us, curls its toes into our warm edges.
It's no wonder we reach up and think we can gather the stars in our hands.
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This is why I say we have the biggest sky: when the sun shines and the snow flies, there is no difference between ground and air.  The heavens are tumbling down and the earth is building up to meet them, and they grumble and they collide and mesh and blur together.  All there is is white.  No up or down, no East or West or North or South.  When raise your gaze too high, even gravity disappears.  What’s left is the few feet ahead of you, vaguely defined, and the snow and the snow and the snow.

Then the world settles again, and the white has smoothed and spread out across the expanse.  The sky seems far too bare, and the sun too remote, and both a little bit lonely.

Ice and fire, all liquid.

The sun tips low and pours into every limb.