we have the biggest sky

Spreading from horizon to horizon, unhindered by the fog of city lights,
it brightens and blankets us, bewilders us, curls its toes into our warm edges.
It's no wonder we reach up and think we can gather the stars in our hands.
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I am forever in awe of my mother.

Ice and fire, all liquid.

The sun tips low and pours into every limb.

This is what they try to imitate, when they trim the Christmas trees with little glass icicles and spangle them with lights.  But it’s hardly the same.  Here, the trees themselves have turned to ice, and they burn when the sunlight streams through them.  Little splashes of white fire run along the edges of each branch, each twig, each rare still-clinging leaf.  What had seemed so dead, under winter’s grasp, has been made vibrant and immediate and live like electricity.

In the sun and wind, the ice shatters away and leaps into the air, showering the ground with broken crystal.  The trees stand a little taller again.

Sunshine and ice.


From a tree near the Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu shrine in Yawata City, Kyoto.

 … because pondweed has been looking at tree fungi. =D